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Channel Maintenance Fee

Latest Information

Dear our customer, please be inform that Miri Port Authority (Dues, Rates and Charges) (Amendments) Regulations, 2016 on the "Channel Maintenance Fee" and which had been gazetted on 27th May,2016 will come into effect commencing 1st June,2017.

Therefore a fee called "Channel Maintenance Fee" of RM 1.00 per tonne or part thereof be charged on all incoming and outgoing cargo and RM 1.00 per passenger.  

Channel Maintenance Fee

If you need further information, do not hestitate to contact us:-

1. Customer Services - 085-609009

2. Mr. Steven Chin Hui Seng (Senior Manager, Corporate & Planning Division) - 085-609007

3. Mr. Vensent Ganang (Senior Manager, Operation, Engineering & Marine Services) - 085-609057

4. Mr. Mohammad Azif Amin Abdullah (Marketing Officer) - 085-609052

5. Mr. Lee Chuai Haw (Accounting Officer) - 085-609035