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Miri Port Authority
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Miri Port Authority (MPA) was established on 1st February 1981 under Section 3 of The Port Authorities Ordinance, 1961 and began its operations on 1st March 1983. MPA is a State Statutory Body under the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Communications, Sarawak. 

Miri is located at latitude 04"21N and longitude 113"55'E along the north west cost of Sarawak. Its limit covers all navigable up to the HW mark and all land within the following limit:-

Inner limit - from the line delinating the coaster HW line water of the Batang Baram river mouth to the Parallel across the river at 03'45.00' N

Outer limit - 04"00.03 N 114"36.45E to 04'48.5' 115"57.2' E and 04"48.6 N 113"57.2 E approximately.

About Us

MPA is Located strategically within a vast industrial estate at Kuala Baram and for having better facilities and huge land areas for expansion, the port is poised to take its place as the catalyst in promoting international trade by facilitating industrial and commercial activities which directly assist the economic progress of Miri in particular and the state of Sarawak as a whole. Despite, currently being handicapped by relatively shallow channel, MPA had forged ahead with determination to play its role as the economic catalyst for the northern region of Sarawak and is working hard to improve on the vessel's accessiblity to the port together with other goverment agencies and all related parties.

MPA is an important feeder port that links Sarawak's northern region trade to the rest of the world. It is a key player in the development of trade not only for Sarawak's economy but for Malaysia as a whole, and serves as a one-stop centre for the maritime related activities.