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Last Update: 23 Nov 2017
Version 8.0.2c
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SCS Talikhidmat App
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1. Log Enquiries, Complaints and Feedback

 Public can log enquiries, complaints and feedback to us by sending SMS. The format is [Name] [IC] [Description] [MIRIPORT] and send to 62999.

2. Mobile Apps

SCS Talikhidmat is the official mobile application that connects you with the State Government of Sarawak for submission of any feedbacks, whether to report problems, make enquiries or suggestions on products and services provided by State and Federal agencies in Sarawak. Reaching out to the Sarawak Government has never been easier.

  SCS Talikhidmat App- screenshot thumbnail       SCS Talikhidmat App- screenshot thumbnail       SCS Talikhidmat App- screenshot thumbnail

If you see something that needs attention, be it fallen trees, illegal dumping, potholes or other public service related matters, just submit your request via SCS Talikhidmat. Your request will be routed to the right agency for action.
Key features of SCS Talikhidmat are:
• Personalised Account
• Track Case Progress
• Multimedia and Location Support
• Alert Notification
• Government Contact Directory
• Dual Language - Malay and English
• Integrated Platform for Real Action

Your Feedback can Make a Difference

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Sarawak Gov App
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Sarawak Gov, an official app of the State Government of Sarawak, delivers you up-to-date information about Sarawak. Exclusive advantages Sarawak Gov can offer- Both new and trending contents. You can add the events on to your digital calendar.

1. News on Sarawak: News on Sarawak State government and local news.
2. Sarawak Happenings: Events that are held by Sarawak Government and other public events.
3. Sarawak Weather: Showing Sarawak water level and rainfall.
4. Sarawak Tourism: Information on places of interest in Sarawak.
5. Sarawak Facts & Figures: Information on Sarawak.
6. Other Sarawak Official App: Listing of other Sarawak Government official apps.

  Sarawak Gov- screenshot thumbnail       Sarawak Gov- screenshot thumbnail       Sarawak Gov- screenshot thumbnail

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