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MPA now operates terminal facility at Logistik Serimas
Posted on : 11 Jul 2018  Source of News: The Borneo Post & Utusan Borneo

 (Dari lima kiri) Safri, Ling, Paulus, Serawa dan tetamu lain ketika memotong reben prapelancaran Kemudahan Terminal di Logistik Serimas.

(from sixth left) Safri, Ling, Paulus, Serawa and others cutting the ribbon for the soft opening of MPA's Offshore Crew/Supplies Terminal Facility at Logistik Serimas Sdn Bhd


MIRI - The Miri Port Authority (MPA) is now operating of offshore crew/supplies terminal faclility at Logistik Serimas Sdn Bhd at Krokop 3.

MPA has been providing the logistical base support services to oil and gas since 2000 at its dedicated terminal in Kuala Baram but since 2007, the handling of crew boats at MPA's wharf at Kuala Baram began to decline very significantly due to the optimisation strategy by oil and gas companies to achieve a more cost effective operation by deploying bigger vessels with deeper draft (exceeding 3 metres).

"MPA through its facilities at Kuala Baram has not been able to provide these facilities on a 24-hour service during low tide,as the access channel at Kuala Baram is barely 1 meter depth.

"Due to this situation and shallow access channel at Kuala Baram, MPA could not fully fulfil its obligations in providing such services resulting in oil and gas companies to move their crew/supplies boats operations to jetties along Miri river which has a depth of more than 3 metres," said MPA chairman Palu@Paulus Gumbang during the recent soft opening ceremony of Logistik Serimas Sdn Bhd Terminal Faclitily. 

Among others and to start with, MPA as the facality operator had successfully colaborated with Logistik Serimas Sdn Bhd (the facality owner) in providing these facilities to handle crew and supplies vessels offshore.

"The provision of the service is in line with our mission as a cataylst for economic development especially in Miri and it is our pride and dream to serve the oil and gas industry, alongside the other industries as well, similiar to the services been provided by the full ledged supply base in the region.

"The maritime activities along Miri river are subject to the purviews and approval of the respective government agencies and MPA together with other related agencies and some private jetties operators with related licences have agreed to provide such facilities as an interim measure before MPA could have its own facilities, which is in the final stage of planning now," he explained.

Palu, who also Batu Danau assemblyman added that MPA has been operating at Serimas from June 15,2017 and he believed the facility would be able to meet the operatinal requipment for further development and growth of its clients.

"This facility shall also resolve or minimize some logistic problems faced by crew/supplies boats operations and on top of that, MPA would be able to fulfil its legal obligations as enshhrined in the Ordinance by providing such berthing and logistics services to the shipping communities,"he said.

Also present during the soft lauching were Logistik Serimas Sdn Bhd managing Director, Dato' Sri Ling Ting Lik, Permanent Secretary of Ministry Infrastructure, Development and Transportation Sarawak, Datu Safri Zainuddin and MPA general Manager, Serawa Budol.

By Zaheera Johari